Monday, October 15, 2007

All In One Tool for developers & Artists

Being a game programmer by profession I have always enjoyed developing & using tools.

Reason Why I started developing this tool:
  • For version control I use TortoiseSVN, Which maintains .svn folders for version management. Whenever I add any special feature in the game as part of my experiment with the design, I take a backup & keep the code for reference. I dont want any version files in my backup.
  • If I want to copy my entire working copy I have to close Visual Studio, If I close it, i`ll loose undo info.
  • Visual Studio has some intermediate files which are huge in size, like pdb, ncb obj, sbr....
  • Some times I want to exclude certain files & folders.
I was looking for a such a tool, I couldn't find it. I started using batch files, with XCopy command, Here I could ignore certain files & folders. But again I had to open the batch file in an editor do the necessary changes & run it again. Which was not so friendly. But it was very fast.

So I finally decided to build a tool my self. I was thinking which language to use..... I was planning to get my hands wet in C# from a long time.. So I started development in C#. I faced Some problems with threading for that I took help from my Elder brother Saleem, who is a professional C# developer. Sandeep helped me with the layout & background images.

Main Features:

  • BackUp.
  • Formatting.
  • 3D Math calculator.
  • Scheduler.
  • Options.
Features in BackUp:
  • One can copy files in multiple folders into one folder.
  • Copy only selected file types.
  • Ignore art assets, Texture files, exported animation files for TGEA, max.....
  • Copy only source code. It copies only cpp, h,c hpp, hxx files.
  • Archive the backed up foldeder.
  • After archiving delete the source folder.

Features in Fomatting:
  • Add line numbers to file(s).
  • Enlist files & folders in the given directory. Can optionally choose for size, file names only, directory names only.
  • Create class templates.
  • Beautify the code: This option beautifies the code, It puts proper spaces, indents, baces...It is still Work In Progress ( WIP ).

Features In 3D Math Calculator:
  • It does the basic 3D math for you. Addition, subtraction, normalize, distance, length....of 3D vectors.
  • It is still in development phase.

Features In Scheduler:
  • Shutdown/restart/launch external application at specified time.
  • Shutdown/restart/launch external application after specified time has elapsed.

Features In Options tab:
  • You can add directories/files to be ignored.
  • You can specify the type of art assets you want to ignore.
  • Specify files to be included.
  • Choose archiver tool to be used. Currently WinRar & 7Z are supported.

To maintain the database I use XML.

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