Sunday, November 25, 2007

My First MaxScript

This morning I woke very late. I had a nice sleep after a long time. I was feeling sooooooo fresh. I was planning to learn max script from a long time. So I thought why not give it a shot today. I spoke to my friend Dheeraj took video tutorials from him on Max script & started watching it. It was too interesting. Syntax is not C++ friendly, But..... okie dokie. BTW am used to C++ very much.

I was sitting around thinking what tool to make while I learn Max Script. & suddenly I remembered someone talking about writing a script in max to export a scene for Torque Game Engine. The idea just struck in my head, I started writing a script. By EOD I had a fully functional MaxScript ready to export a scene in max for Torque Game Engine.

Tool Description: This tool allows the artist to setup the world in 3DS max & export it for use in TGE. My scene exporter doesn't export the object, instead it exports the object properties in a format readable by TGE.

  • Option for exporting either the entire scene or only the selected objects.
  • Objects names are automatically appended with ".dts" extension.
  • Create group for easy manipulation in TGE mission editor.
  • Option for saving to file.
Will add more to it as I go more n more deep in MaxScript.

In near future I am planning to export the entire object it self along with the properties. I have no idea how much time I will take to do this. But will give it a shot :).


  1. Nice work. Have you considered posting about this on the GG site?

  2. There is a problem with rotation, TGE uses quaternion for rotation, Need to work on this. I`ll post it in GG, when am done with it. One more issue is with units in max & TGE. I dont know much abt Max units, Will talk to my artist friends & make it work.

  3. Hmm.. Quaternions are a bit cumbersome for use with transformations all over the place. Typically, most engines prefer quats just for Skeletal-Animations.

    Besides, every quat needs to be converted back to a matrix to be used on GPU/Shaders.


    This looks a good lot you did for day one.

    Personally, I didn't like TGE much really. But, then it could be good, if a game needs to be built real quick and needs online play.

    BTW, C4 is an interesting engine in the making. Just 200 USD.