Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knight Hopper

Last month I was in my home town (Dharwad) to attend my sisters wedding. I was playing chess with my younger brothers, then suddenly an idea struck my head. During my engineering days I use to play a small puzzle game like chess. Wherein one has to move like the knight on a 8x8 board. Objective is to fill as many blocks as you can.

I was soooooo desperate to make this game. I was just dying to come to Hyderabad. The day I came to Hyderabad, I discussed this idea with my room mate Sandeep, Who is a 3D modeler by profession. We sat down together & discussed the game play & layout. We were thinking which game engine to use. Since I am more comfortable with Torque Game Engine, We decide to go for

Torque Game Builder. After working for 6 days in a row we were able to complete the game. This game is at its bare. Since it was our first game on our own, We decided to keep it simple.


  • Three difficulty levels. Each difficulty level has time limit & undo functionality.
  • In Easy mode you get 6 minutes & 20 Undo`s to solve the puzzle.
  • In Intermediate mode you get 4 minutes & 10 Undo`s to solve the puzzle.
  • In Hard mode you get 2 minutes & zero Undo`s to solve the puzzle.
  • You can change the theme to suite your taste. There are two themes for now Classic & Mint.
Click here to paly it online
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  2. Sorry, accidentally deleted the old post. :P

    I wanted to say, this is a great, fun little game. Glad to see our technology being used to make creative games on the fly!

    ~Deborah Marshall, Torque Product Group Manager

  3. Nice game waiting to see few more -Maximus

  4. hi!
    wil u make somthing new for me.
    with my idea, if s reply this comments.

  5. yeah sure...
    mail me your design. my email id: altaf.navalur (at)
    We can take it further from there.