Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In the previous post I showed you how my Vehicle Physics Editor Tool will help to tweak the vehicle physics at run time. After 4 days of work I have added some more functionality to it. In the earlier build one could modify only a handful of properties & there was no save option. In the new build I have added all possible properties in the editor. You can play around with any property you want. When you are done save it back to a file. Next time when you load the game, The vehicle will have all the properties that you specified.

One thing to remember is to put all the dataBlocks in one single file & do not put any game play related stuff in that file. Because when you save the properties back to disk, it truncates the file. It will write only dataBlocks. In case if you create a new file for your dataBlocks, dont forget to add it to the execution list in ~data/server/scripts/game.cs file.

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