Friday, December 14, 2007

Vehicle Physics Editor for TGE/TGEA

This is my first video demo with narration. So kindly adjust :).
This tool is used to tweak the vehicle physics while playing the game.
Even with he use of Torque scripting language, It`s a time cumbersome process to tweak the vehicle physics. This tool development is still in progress. For Demonstration purpose I have added two cars with unique datablock, The reason for choosing two unique datablocks is to show how it handles individual objects.

  • Vehicle Selection.
  • Dumping Tweaked values back to console.
  • Saves time.
  • No need of programmer to tweak the physics. Level designer or an artist can tweak the physics as desired. (As per current progress, The tweaked values are not saved to the file, Instead the values are dumped to the console).
  • Affects all the vehicles using the given dataBlock.
  • All the tweaked properties reflect changes dynamically. No need to restart the game.

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  1. Sahi yaar..kamal ka tool hia ..good work dude ...but saving all the values to a file be great :D